Room to Grow - a Math Podcast

Deep Mathematical Thinking Using Math Milestones Tasks

December 11, 2023 Room to Grow Math Season 3 Episode 12
Room to Grow - a Math Podcast
Deep Mathematical Thinking Using Math Milestones Tasks
Show Notes

In this episode of Room to Grow, special guests Sandra Lightman and John Staley help Joanie and Curtis understand the Math Milestones. These one-page resources include 12-14 math tasks that provide a visualization of and engagement with the math standards of each grade. The Math Milestones tasks present grade level math, not as a list of standards or learning outcomes, but as a groups of math tasks, a language understood by teachers and students. 

The Math Milestones project was supported by Student Achievement Partners with Sandra and John as critical members of the team. The resources, available for free online, include a set of teacher notes that support using these tasks to better understand the math of each grade level, and to engage educators in conversations that get to the depth of the intended learning. Additional work is being done to provide “asset maps,” resources that allow educators to use student work and responses to the Math Milestones tasks to better understand and build upon students’ strengths. 

We encourage you to explore the resources below, referenced in this episode:

  • Learn more about the Math Milestones project on their website HERE
  • Find the grade level grids (sets of tasks) HERE
  • Review the teacher notes for each grade level HERE
  • Explore additional resources to support teaching the standards from Student Achievement Partners

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